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Personal training courses

One Lifestyle is pleased to announce that it is recently been accredited by REPs (16 CPD points) to deliver these post graduate personal training courses for personal trainers focussing on postural awareness, assessment and correction

These specialised personal training courses goes beyond the standard consultation process. It concentrates on the most important aspect of client care, "getting it right in the first place". Without an accurate and complete assessment of clients' posture and balance, any training programme has the potential to not only cause serious injury, but also to worsen a clients fitness level and overall condition. By focussing on this very important aspect of client training, you will complete this personal training course armed with some extremely valuable training knowledge.

Here is a run down of the course content:-

  • Interpretation of the information gathered during the initial consultation to enable you to carry out a proper assessment of your client and prescribe the correct programme of exercise.

  • Conducting a postural assessment and understand the corrective procedures.

  • Identifying the most common physiological causes of low back pain relating to shortened muscle groups and to understand how to deal with them safely and effectively.

  • Understanding the function and importance of the Multifidus and Transverse muscles.

  • How to carry out basic bio feedback testing for Multifidis/TVA function and be able to interpret the information.

  • The significance of "closed chain/open chain" and functional exercises.

  • What equipment is and is not required to conduct an effective home training session.

  • Correct use and progression of Resistance Tubing and Dynabands.

  • Designing a muscular conditioning and development programme without weights.

  • Explore alternative forms of aerobic activity


We are constanly putting new dates together for our new courses. The 2 day course costs £ 250 (price does not include accommodation or travel).

You will be required to be a current level 3 Personal Trainer. For further information about the course, please call 07920 774429 or click here to email us and find out more.


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