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Movement Course

InMotion is pleased to announce that it has recently been accredited by REPs to deliver this Movement InMotion workshop, which forms part of our "level 1" workshops focusing on, fundamental and functional movement, being able to assess/test functional movement and identify faults and common causes of poor movement pattern, apply corrective techniques for the client to suits their individual needs.

Here is a brief overview of the workshop content:-

  • Define the importance of identifying a fundamental and functional movement pattern. Understand common problems and corrective techniques.

  • Discuss common causes of problems and how to assess them correctly. Is there a weakness of a muscle, a tightness of a muscle or a co-ordination (movement) problem.

  • Demonstrate the ability to recognise movement patterns and be able to identify and apply corrective techniques specifically to each individual client, based on their lifestyle requirements and daily functional pattern, combining ascent and descent movement patterns.

  • For more information or to register please contact us:-
    T: 01494 675438
    E: Contact Us
    Course date & duration: TBC
    Course cost: TBC
    Course venue: TBC

    Pre-requisites: This course is for Reps Level 3 Advanced Instructor / Personal Trainers only.
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