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Variety / enjoyment

After your initial consultation, we will tailor a programme based on your agreed goals to suit not only what you like to do, but also what time you have available. We realise that some people for example are not keen to run, and don't worry we won't drag you kicking and screaming round your local park. Starting a fitness routine can be one of the most daunting experiences, and our aim is to make sure it is enjoyable and fun.

Subject to your personal goals, we usually combine aerobic (CV), resistance (weights) & flexibility into your programme. With a combination of diverse exercises on offer, One Lifestyle ensures that you have a wide and varied choice.

Typical exercises:
  • Aerobic
    • Running
    • Jogging
    • Power Walking
    • Mountain/Road Biking
    • Swimming
    • Rowing
    • Cross trainer
    • Skipping
    • Boxing

  • Resistance Training
    • Free Weights
    • Circuit Training
    • Body Pump
    • Boxercise
    • Swiss Ball

  • Flexibility
    • Yoga
    • Pilates
    • stretching including passive, active & resisted
    • Swiss ball

Not only do we offer this flexible exercise approach to your program but the same goes for location. With the essential equipment provided by One Lifestyle, all of our exercises can be carried out from your own home or outdoors.

Why not train with a friend half the cost and double the fun! We can also accommodate groups of up to five people, so why not have your own yoga class for friends in your garden?

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