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One Lifestyle's clients have the benefit of access to a professionally qualified and experienced team of masseurs offering a broad range of massages.

Swedish Massage

Is the systematic manipulation of soft tissue using a form of touch that promotes relaxation, comfort and well being and is ideal as a stress buster. As the revitalizing effects of massage can only truly be defined by the therapist and the receiver. As the manipulation and strong hand movements release tired and tense muscles and the receiver starts to relax, the full remedial effects can be felt.

Sports Massage

A therapy strongly recommended to release any adverse tightness caused by daily routines - such as sitting at desks or driving cars, as well as being vital for anyone performing at a reasonable sporting/activity level to keep you as injury free as possible.

We are also able to offer more specialised massages such as Chavutti-Thai and Thai massages. These therapies are dependant on location and availability. Please remember that you don't have to be a One Lifestyle training client to take advantage of our massage services.

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