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Introduction to Lifestyle services

We offer a range of services at One Lifestyle as well deals on running shoes, fitness equipment and supplement companies.

Stress management - including work life balance

Coping with the busy demands of the 21st century and feeling constantly under pressure can have adverse affects on your health and lifestyle. Our stress management programme will help you understand the causes of stress, understand the warning signs and provide coping strategies to get you back on track. You will learn powerful strategies to cope with stress and pressure and positive solutions to use in your work and personal life immediately. This programme is available to individuals and companies.

Achieving Health Balance - manage stress and promote wellbeing

Balancing your work and home life is a challenge facing many of us every day as we juggle the many demands on our time. Our programme will help you bring the balance back into your life by restoring time to recharge your personal life batteries. We will explore a variety of solutions based on nutrition, exercise and your work and home environment. In addition you will create your own personal tool kit to help balance your life every day.

NLP - skills for creating a compelling future

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of human excellence and provides effective solutions to create positive changes in your home and working life. Our consultations will cover skills used in communications, achieving goals and eliminating personal barriers to achievement. Your will learn techniques to deal with challenging situations and techniques to exchange your thinking and help in getting you back on track. You will explore circles of excellence, the powerful six second technique and understand how your senses can have a powerful effect on your life.

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