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The most obvious approach is to have a nutritional assessment completed when you first start training with One Lifestyle. We will provide you with a food diary, which you can complete over one week or one month, whatever your preference. Your trainer will then sit down with you and go through a plan of action, which will of course depend on your fitness and maybe weight loss objectives.

We know that every individual has slightly different nutritional needs and concerns, and our friendly, flexible approach means that you can be sure that the nutritional game plan you'll devise together will be completely suited to your personal requirements.

Quality & Experience

If you have a busy lifestyle you'll be thrilled with the convenience of our flexible approach. It would be best to schedule in your nutritional assessment as soon as possible, as the joint objectives of exercise & weight loss are of course mutually dependant. Just ask your trainer for more information, anytime from 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week!


Because each plan is individual and geared to your nutritional needs, the goals we set together will be sensible and achievable, so you'll see satisfying results!


Once a nutritional programme has been developed, the relationship you have with your trainer continues through regular reviews making sure that the programme is working for you and you're staying on track. A great incentive to stay motivated!


Whatever your priorities, we can help to build a nutritional plan that complements them. Whether you've got food allergies, need to consider medical conditions (eg diabetes), are vegetarian or vegan, kosher or hallal, or just want to learn to choose healthier options when dining out, our service will encorporate any specificities. Just ask!

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