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Weight management

Today's living, with all it's stresses and strains, makes it more and more difficult to keep a healthy diet. Walk down any high street and you'll easily find a row of shops to tempt you with another scrumptious takeaway. Countless articles, TV programs and magazines spout endless diet advice but what is the best approach to follow? At One Lifestyle, 'being on a diet' is an expression officially banned from our vocabulary. You don't need to follow a fad diet that is bound to fail and leave you feeling de-motivated, as long as you enjoy everything in moderation.

With time and commitment, losing weight is NOT difficult no matter how many times you've heard it or said it yourself. Of course, you didn't gain the excess pounds overnight. To start losing weight, all you need is this simple formula: eat less and be more active...! With some willpower and and motivation, almost anyone can drop the pounds and change the way they look.

This is why you can start seeing results by following our balanced nutrition and regular exercise programme. Remember that it's not just weight loss, its body shape change that's important as well.

Research shows the most efficient way to lose weight is in small increments so a maximum of 2lb per week is usually recommended. Large weight losses are often followed by larger weight gains, which is referred to as the 'yo-yo' effect.

By integrating a programme of good nutrition and exercise to suit your lifestyle, we can help take away the strain so you can get on and enjoy your life. Start today and let us help you reduce your weight the right way.

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